Where to Stay in Warsaw

Finding accommodation in Warsaw was never an easy task in the old days. There used to be only high-end hotels and some official hostels, but very little in between. There was also little choice if you were seeking smaller hotels with charactc3eea05c8ccad42da972720e152800aeer and charm. Fortunately, the situation has improved rapidly in the last few years, and continues to do so. Prices are starting to creep up and many places seem overpriced for what they offer.

From deluxe five-star hotels to youth hostels, there is now a wider range on offer to choose from. However, while there are many new places that have opened, it will be several years before there are enough hotels to meet the constantly growing number of visitors. Hotels serving the top end of the market are generally good, partly due to the growing importance of Warsaw as a commercial center.

Some of these upscale hotels are on a par with places you will find in Western Europe. Most of the international hotel chains can be found here including Mariott, Sheraton, Novotel and Holiday Inn. If you are looking for the best that money can buy then the Bristol Hotel is in a league of its own. Considered to be one of the finest hotels in the world, it’s a lesson in luxury and worth visiting even if you are not staying there.

For budget travelers, the standards can be more unpredictable, but there are some good-value options if you search carefully. Warsaw has always been able to offer summer student accommodation (Dom Studencki) at bargain prices. Many of the student dorms are slowly being renovated and the standards are becoming much more reasonable. There are also two youth hostels, which are open year-round. They don’t offer the facilities of a good European hostel, but they do provide tolerable budget accommodation for a stay of a day or two. Camping is possible in the suburbs, but the site is a long journey by public transport from the center.