About Us and Poland

This site is dedicated to introducing and preserving the rich history and culture of Poland. The site is one of the most richly diverse countries in Europe, and people who will take time to get to know Poland will find that a wealth of experience and knowledge is waiting for them.

The people of Poland are warm and welcoming towards visitors and are always ready to present different aspects of their country such as the national dishes to them. Sampling Polish cuisine is a great way to see into the hearts of the people.

Anyone who is planning a trip to Poland will soon discover that there are many impressive cities to explore as well as traditional towns and villages that are steeped in history. However, the sheer size of Poland means that first time visitors of the country may have trouble figuring out where to start, and what are the key destinations that should be included in their itinerary.

Therefore, many of the pages that can be found on this site are dedicated to presenting information on some of the most exciting destinations in Poland that are just waiting to be discovered. These guides include overviews of each destination with information on some key attractions and the things that make them so special as well as lesser known attractions that are worth visiting once. Visitors of this site will be able to get a clearer insight into why Poland is such as great place to visit and this will inspire them to start planning their trip right away.